Race Report: Pearland Turkey Trot


The Details

Event: Pearland Turkey Trot 6 Mile Run

Weather Conditions: 57 degrees / 87% humidity / clear skies

Goal: Maintain form throughout

Chip Time: 53:40

Place: 5/12 Age Group – 89/290 Overall

Let’s Get This Party Started

This was the first year of the Pearland Turkey Trot and it was evident by the delayed start to the 6 mile run as the cones were still being set up on the course. I assume the 4 mile, which was slated to start 20 minutes after the 6 mile run started on time as many of us 6 milers caught up to the slower runners at the back of the 4 mile pack.

The One Runner  I Vowed to Finish in Front Of

I try not to judge (at least externally!), but sometimes people just bring it on themselves. For instance one runner was wearing a long-sleeved shirt with the name of a race on the sleeves. Not such a big deal and I get that even though the temperature was in the upper 50’s, for some, that is long=sleeved weather. But…

Over that, a short-sleeved marathon finishers shirt. Around his neck, a Tough Mudder headband. And to top it off, he wore a hat with the name of yet another race. I guess he could not find any socks with a race name on them.

I am not sure whether that made him a Clinton supporter or a Trump supporter, but I am sorry, either way, he must go down.

Easy Does It

This was the first race I ran since I seriously focused on changing my form and rather than get caught up in the obvious excitement of a great running day, I wanted to focus on keeping it easy and staying in form.

It wasn’t hard to keep things easy the first mile as within a quarter mile the course narrowed from two lanes to a single lane and apparently several of the 4-mile walkers decided to start with the six mile runners.

Miles two and three were virtually identical and I felt good. A beautiful morning; I was out with fellow runners; and my form was good.

Perhaps I can kick it up notch and during mile four I did just that.

I Feel Good

I have been doing some sub-nine miles during my runs here and there and mile four’s 9:01 pace left me feeling I could do better. My form was still good and I felt even better, so why not push it a little more. I turned in an 8:31 at mile five and was still feeling great so why not go for it for the final mile.


The downside of mile six was having to weave through the back of the pack four mile runners and the one mile walkers. The upside was I felt stronger than I have before.

This was not just my first race since my July accident, but my longest run since then as well.

Turns out it was also my fastest mile (7:22) in a very long time according to my Garmin.

I’ll take that.


It was a great run. I absolutely enjoyed myself and will have to sign up for more. I was probably a bit too conservative at the beginning, but as I gained more confidence in being able to maintain proper form, I obviously picked up the pace.

Outside of the cone delay, the organizers did a great job and we also had plenty of police presence, so hats off to all of our men and women behind the badge.


  1. 10:04
  2. 9:22
  3. 9:22
  4. 9:01
  5. 8:31
  6. 7:22





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  1. Mark Ulrich November 27, 2016 / 07:02

    Great run, and fantastic negative split!

    I’m really glad your new form is working so well. What are you doing differently?

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