Love Stinks – But My Running is Better

I’ve had the blues, the reds, and the pinks; one for sure, love stinks! – The J. Geils Band

Hey now. Let’s see if we can’t get this thing started (again). I want to promise – I really do – that I am going to keep it going and be consistent, but… Heavy sigh.

My girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) found a better option and I am 20 pounds lighter. Maybe love does not stink so much after all.

Go forward; move ahead; try to detect it; it’s not too late.

That’s a Devo reference for the younger peeps out there.

One noticeable effect of losing weight is my running has been much better since I started up again at the beginning of November. Better to the point that when I did the 4-Mile Pearland Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day I was pleasantly surprised.

I was hoping to meet or beat 36 minutes and I was secretly hoping I could manage to get closer to 35 minutes. Imagine my surprise when I clocked a 32:50. Wow! Go me. Apparently I was 3rd in my age group as well. Podium finish! Double go me. I certainly earned that turkey dinner later in the day.

Weight can influence how fast or slow you run in a couple of ways. First, your body weight. For those who are over-weight, each pound of weight loss can shave anywhere between 1.8 and 2.4 seconds off your pace depending upon which studies you read. Second, the weight of your shoes will also impact your pace.

While actual weight is important; where that weight resides is also important. “Even if you aren’t into the physics of all this, you might find it interesting that losing weight from your body is only about thirty percent as effective as losing weight from your shoes. Apparently extra shoe weight requires much more energy to heave forward each and every time you take a stride. In comparison, your muffin-top basically gets to go along for the ride. ” (Brock Armstrong – Can Losing Weight Make You Run Faster? 11/17)

The more you know!

Additionally on the running front, since I relocated to The Woodlands, I opted to join The Woodlands Running Club.

Many of these folks not only look fast – they are fast!

It is a great group of people and there is some great running up here. It’s a win-win since I have been told to get out more and be more social.

Listening to: Everywhere At Once – The Plimsouls