I Yam What I Yam


In 2006, with the permission (of course) of my then wife Jaclyn, I purchased my first MINI Cooper. I cannot tell you how long I had wanted a MINI Cooper, but admittedly it is a car that inherently felt like and still feels like, well – me.

My original MINI Cooper – Code name: The Wombat (circa 2006)

I have owned a few Coopers over the years and although I am not a “car guy” I absolutely love the Cooper (2-Door).

Fast forward to 2018 and my Cooper turned into a Toyota Tacoma. The things we do for love… Without getting into details, I wanted to show I was ready to accept certain responsibilities and was all in on helping out.

Unfortunately, as several of you know, my attempt at showing someone I was committed did not work out too well and left me feeling pretty shitty.

Next thing you know, I am talking to a therapist.

Like most people, I never thought I would be the one seeing a therapist; much less needing one… But I have to say it has not sucked. The thing I like most about my therapist is that he never tells me what to do, but instead helps me find my way.

As humans, we are not perfect, and I certainly embody that. However, even though we are not perfect, self-awareness of our imperfections goes a long way and helps us understand who we are in the most naked sense.

For example, I am a dork. I accept this and know that from time to time I will say or do something random that is absolutely stupid.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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How ’bout cheesecake? Mmm, Cheesecake…

I also know I am not really a truck guy. Maybe one day, if I retire and have a small farm, I will be a truck guy. But today is not that day. However, I am the owner of a truck and as mentioned above, I purchased the truck in an attempt to show my commitment to someone else and that did not work out. Sure, I could have gotten an SUV, but I felt the truck would give me more utility. And it did. But, the person moved on and I no longer need the utility, so…

Say hello to VuduCat!

Yes, yes; take a few long seconds and bathe yourself in the beauty of this most awesome MINI. Please contain your excitement for me although feel free to offer to buy me a beer. A good beer that is.

OK, one more peek!

To be sure this is a small thing (get it – MINI/small thing… never mind), but it helps me reclaim something about who I am. My therapist is going to be proud!