Casa Jamoosh – Vacation Review

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you slice it, I have been on an extended “vacation” at Casa Jamoosh thanks to the Corona virus, which I am led to believe is a result of drinking Corona Seltzer.

What is your virus flavor…

I can neither confirm nor contradict the veracity of this, but Casa Jamoosh, which was once a Bed and Breakfast is now a Bed, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and occasional Snack. So let’s take a moment and review the accommodations, shall we.


The rooms are a little small, but the beds are made promptly every morning, so that is a plus. I am in the biggest room, but have the smallest bed. I am not sure what that is about, but the bed in my room is comfortable and I cannot ask for more.

All rooms have their own on-suite bathroom which is also a plus. However, while I try to think of spiders as my friends, I also like to shower alone, so I am happy the manager has provided a can of bug spray in the bathroom.


Weekend BBQs? Yes please and thank you!

The food is generally good and sometimes it is downright excellent. I get excited when the chef breaks out the smoker to satiate my meatatarion leanings. Ribs, pulled, pork, smoked sausage – all delicious. I hope I am here long enough to experience the pork belly again. Yum and double yum.

Sundays are also great because of the Sunday brunch. Bacon and sausage are a staple and after that it is random deliciousness on rotating Sundays. I have heard a rumor blueberry pancakes are happening this weekend and I don’t know if I have the patience to wait that long.


The facilities are mostly clean. The vacuum runs once or twice a week and the kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned on a regular basis, but housekeeping needs to get out and buy a swiffer. Look closely and it is obvious somebody does not like to dust. I have been meaning to talk to management about this.

Theme Nights

One of the things that has kept me sane during this extended stay is management has theme nights every once and while.

Look what the manager put in my tent. Indoor camping at its finest.

Camping Night was fun, especially since I was provided an air mattress for underneath my sleeping bag. My bones are little old to be sleeping on a hard floor… Additionally, management set up a fan to simulate an evening breeze. So thoughtful and I was asleep in my tent within minutes.

Yeah – no girls aloud!

Then there was Fort Night. Not to be confused with Fortnite. Fort Night was the best. As you can see, no girls allowed in the fort and there is even a tiger guarding the entrance. Hello tiger! The manager ensured there was a fully charged tablet as well as plenty of pillows to lounge around on. This manager thinks of everything. And by everything, beer and cheese included in the fort. Needless to say, me and the tiger had a most excellent evening and we were not interrupted by girls once!


The views here do not suck. One side of the accommodations provides a view of a courtyard and the side with the balcony is all nature all the time.

Nature says”hi”

The balcony is a great place for relaxing with a glass of wine or beer. Cardinals and blue jays are in abundance right now, so it’s great for bird watchers too.


Other amenities include a workout room, free wi-fi and the bar has a solid selection of beer and wine. Sadly, no hard liquor. What kind of bar is this anyway – no hard liquor? Not only that, the bartender cards me every-single-time. I have been stranded here for over two months, you know me!

On the entertainment side, the music selections are awesome and I truly enjoy when management fires up the turntable in the evenings. Casa Jamoosh also has a decent selection of movies, so movie night is always something to look forward to. That said, how many damn Marvel movies in a row am I going to end up watching…


Casa Jamoosh isn’t quite perfect, but it is not a terrible place to be stranded. So I give it four out of five stars.

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Can we do another fort night…