Changing It Up


Running – I live for running. Or perhaps running exists for me. Regardless of the philosophical debate, I have always said when I can no longer run I am going to walk out into the middle of nowhere, sit down, and pass.

That may seem a tad extreme, but we live in an era where everything must be extreme or you have failed and will not garner the requisite likes that validate your existence. Not sure I understand that, but whatever.

For those reading at home, or at work, or at your family’s house because you are extremely bored and the stories have been in summer re-runs for years, I used to help coach first time marathoners. Coaching myself is a different story.

I know all the right things to do, but often just continue down the same path that I have always taken. Because that path is familiar and I can count on it to get me from A to B. I have also known, for far too long, that I need to change my gait slightly or continue to suffer the inevitable knee pain that will eventually require another operation or at best, taking time off from running.

Changing one’s gait is not easy. Especially when you are trying to do it yourself. Admittedly, sometimes it is good to have someone yelling at you. Alas, my schedule does not allow for anything more than a virtual coach (no thanks) and to be honest, as much as I enjoy running, I would rather spend my running budget on shoes (I have far too many) and singlets, than a coach.


But I can do this; at least I am telling myself that. One simple change that morphs into a habit and boom, a much happier knee. Easy peasy, right? Let us pray says the individual without religion…

Thus, this morning, I embarked on a short three mile run with a single goal in mind: Lift me knees two or three inches higher for the duration of the run. I don’t want to get into the mechanics of it, but let’s just say that lifting my knees just a bit higher changes how my foot hits the ground; closer to the front of the foot versus the heel.

Let’s call today a minor triumph as I was, for the most part, able to maintain the new gait. Honestly, I faltered a few times during the last mile, however I noticed it immediately and shifted my focus to getting those knees up. I am going to say it was a good run.


I also felt a bit faster as well. Not cheetah fast, of course; but faster.

One run does not mean success and my plan is to stick with three miles runs until my body accepts the new gait and I can run without focusing on lifting the knees a few more inches.

Alright, now who wants a beer?

Listening to: Bad Company / Desolation Angels



Back in the Saddle

Yes, yes, I know. But here I am, doomed to repeat myself. My life seems to be a Ground Hog Day loop except that Andie MacDowell ain’t getting me out of this one.


This blog starts at GABF and if you are unaware of what that means, your beer cred is significantly lacking. Please walk down to your local brewery for a flogging. That’s Manny, the BAKFISH Assistant Brewer above left. He and I represented BAKFISH at this, the 35th iteration of GABF.

GABF is a beer festival on steroids. Over 1700 breweries showed up to serve beer to thousands of people each day over three days. Representing BAKFISH Brewing was work, but fun work to be sure. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from serving and talking about beer with people who appreciate well brewed beer and want to learn more about craft beer. Perhaps I have missed my calling.

But it is also not all about serving beer. There is plenty time to walk around, sample beer and talk to other breweries about how they do business. Manny and I learned a lot about everything from the business of beer to setting up for a festival. I believe this is one of the great things about the craft beer community; brewers, owners, and representatives are always willing to share their experiences, both positive and negative.


One also never knows who they will run into at GABF. I met people I know and even a few I only know virtually. Above is Laura, from the blog 50 by 25. Laura has been blogging for about ten years now and we have been reading and commenting to each other off and on for that long. It’s always nice to put a physical presence on a virtual ghost.


So there you go. A short post to get started with more to come.